In general My project on art and fatherhood started in 1990. Highlights were

– A painting I made was twice showed and mentioned in the Dutch senate: http://joepzander.nl/pappa.htm

– An English article http://globalfatherhooddialogue.blogspot.nl/2007/04/fathers-different-image-about-arts.html

– Several exhibitions on fatherhood and family-right, PAS like: http://joepzander.nl/frieswijk.htm or http://joepzander.nl/kru.htm

– the delivering of the fatherhood-trophy in the Netherlands in two forms http://vaderdagtrofeemv.nl/index.html

– A lecture on the subject: https://archive.org/details/VaderschapEnKunstJoepZander250410

– A book I made on the subject.http://joepzander.nl/met.htm

– A good but unpublished article on art, fatherhood and alienation (perhaps publishable in English?)

– A shorter, published article on art and paternal alienation https://joepzander.wordpress.com/2016/02/11/vaderverstoting-therapeutische-praktijk/

= More special I tried to start  a specific project to use art in the reconnection of fathers and children. Father-diaspora  This was part of my kand-PhD-project. But I gave up. I decided that during my holidays. There is so much severe repression. It became impossible for me to do integer research. http://joepzander.nl/diaspora2.htm

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